Cloth Diaper Set

Before I was even pregnant, I have wanted to cloth diaper my babies, for the same reasons everyone else wants to do it, save money and help the environment.

So I have been on the look out for diapers since day 1, I’ve been watching facebook market place and hunting yard sales. My mom and I went to a neighborhood yard sale and found a tote of cloth diapering system for $15. I noticed the tote and was a little hesitant because it wasn’t a brand I had heard of while reading blogs and watching youtube videos, but I figured $15 was a cheap way to figure out if cloth diapers were for me or not.

I recently did the math of everything that came in the tote and here is the total of buying it all brand new:

1 Box of gCloth Liners -$9

54 gDiapers Cloth Diaper Inserts – $33 per 6 pack – 9 Packs $297

26 gDiapers Extra gPants Pouch – $30 per 6 pack – 4.3 packs $129

19 gPants Diaper Covers – $18 per Cover – $342

Gerber Baby Toddler Unisex Cotton Training Pants, 6-Pack Bundle – $13 at Walmart

Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier, Black – $49.95 on Amazon

$839.95 + 50.40 in 6% tax = $890.35

Plus the tote the diapers came in!

$890.35- $15 = $875.35 in savings!!!!!

Overall I have been super happy with these cloth diapers and they have been working out great. I wouldn’t mind trying the thirties cloth diapers if I am given some as gift because having a few more cloth diapers on hand would be nice but so far I make due with the diapers I have just fine. I am not 100% using cloth full time, I have been transitioning myself into them. I have been given some disposable diapers that I take with me when we are on the go. But I do not believe cloth diapers will be any harder on the go. They have been super simple honestly so far.

I have also been given diaper wipes and have been using those. I would like to invest into some cloth wipes and use those, which I foresee that happening sooner than later.

I will update later as time goes on to let you know if I’m still loving the cloth diaper system.

Why I Didn’t Have A Baby Shower

Austin and I had our first child this past October and unlike most people we decided not to have a baby shower.

Early on in my pregnancy I made up my mind that I did not want to have a baby shower, and there really wasn’t an argument out there that would change my feelings.

The thought of planning a baby shower, hosting not only one but two showers gave me anxiety.

I am not sure I will be able to fully relate my feelings into words, but I will do my best. I know many people do not understand why we decided against a shower, but these are our wishes and I will not feel bad about.

Austin and I both have large families, both are very loving and thoughtful, that I know and do not take for granted. Please remember this while reading.

To my surprise many people will get you gifts when you just announce you are having a baby. This is wonderful, and lovely, but the thought that even more would come from a shower fueled my anxiety. Maybe this is because Austin and I are trying to live more intentional with the things we buy and bring into our home. To live a simple life and not to just fill empty spaces with things.

I reflect on our wedding shower when I think about a baby shower. I had two beautiful wedding showers, and a church basket gift. If I was to go back in time I would have done my registry completely different, but that is because I have changed as a person and how I look at things. Austin and I got a lot of really nice and beautiful gifts, but to be honest it overwhelmed me.

 Anyway people love to buy baby things, I understand that because how can you not baby things adorable and fun to shop for. We continued to get gifts during my pregnancy and after our son was born. After our son was born it was like a flood honestly of stuff.

For back story we were in the final stages of moving when we had our son, so we still had boxes and boxes surrounding our house, then add a ton of baby gifts, the overwhelming anxiety was unreal.

I am at a stage in my life, where I research the heck out of the products I buy. Austin and I really are just trying to be more intentional with what we purchase like I said. A minimalist approach in life I would say. With that I knew the things I really wanted and I didn’t want an abundance of things. My mom and I found baby items at yard sales all summer long and sometimes when people buy you gifts they don’t necessarily buy things that fit your taste or your style. And I feel terrible when that happens, when I am given a thoughtful gift that just doesn’t fit us. I know and appreciate the gift givers in my life but I also feel a terrible heavy sadness when I am given something I can’t necessarily use or want honestly.

In my babbles here, what I am getting at is if people don’t want a shower rather wedding or baby, respect that.

If you truly want to get them something you know they will use and like, then ask them what they could use or give them a gift card or money for future purchases that they may need like more diapers and wipes or a book.

I know a gift that I truly appreciated from the people around me were the acts of service, people visiting and holding our baby while I could shower and get around or someone bringing us a meal so I didn’t have to cook in those beginning weeks when just surviving was a challenge.

Sometimes just having company in the house is what the soul needs, not always a package.

Shampoo Bar Fail

This winter I fell into the zero waste club real quick. Getting a shampoo bar was on the top of the list. Mind you I haven’t changed my shampoo since middle school, so like ummm 10 years or more I have been using the same Shampoo and Conditioner… no big deal.

Any way my sister-in-law got me a shampoo bar to try out from Fresh Thyme, and I really liked it and the smell but it made my scalp itchy. Then I tried one from Mountaineer Brand, and I thought it was doing a better job than the previous, but looking back I think it was worse. It didn’t suds up like it should have, my hair was never fully clean. I was at the point I almost cut it off myself cause the tangles were ridiculous.

So I have decided to opt for a healthy and clean shampoo/ conditioner, since I was not having great luck with shampoo bars. I am a part of a clean group on Facebook called, Pretty Organic Life organized by Jennifer Kile and have been learning a lot from the group.

I asked about shampoo and conditioner and got a few responses. I will add the screenshot below

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 1.30.00 PM

I found both Carina Organics and Juice Organics on Amazon. Also on the group page their is a toxin free list and here is what was listed:

• Carina Organics
• Innersense
• John Masters Organics
• Monat Rejuvenique Oil
• Oway lines
• Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil
• Rahua Dry Shampoo
• Calia

As of right now I am trying out the Carina Organics, which is working great, my hair is really soft. I might look into the other brands, and give a different one a try since Carina Organics was a little pricey in my opinion, but it is working good.

Have you used a shampoo bar? Have you had success? What is your go to shampoo?


We Went Off Budget…

Austin and I set out to spend $50 per week on groceries for 2019. For reference in 2018 we budgeted $80 per week.

We were doing really well even staying below the budget line. But then I found out I was pregnant in February and we fell off the tracks real quick and for a few reasons. In the beginning I was super sick and I all I could manage was some crackers and smoothie for awhile. Then all I wanted and still for the most part I crave fruit and veggies like no other. I was buying raspberries and grapes like they were being discounted off the shelves. So for awhile my husband somehow survived me not cooking for weeks rather he grabbed fast food on his way home or he grabbed some stuff at the grocery on his own. Once my appetite came around, we were spending like $112 a week or so. Eek!

Also what helped us stay in budget was shopping at Aldi then going to Meijer for what I couldn’t find there. And honestly I haven’t had the energy to do this running around grocery trip fun. I shamed myself in the beginning of how terrible it was that I wasn’t saving the money we should be saving on food. Or how I have left my reusable bags at home and our pile of plastic bags in the laundry room make me sick. But the thing is I need to give myself grace, I have never experienced being pregnant before, I didn’t know that early mornings would be a rough start to my day or that I needed to take morning sickness medication to feel like a normal human being. It is okay that we over spent for a short period of time.

Again, I am telling myself, this is grace, it is okay, you can restart and be better tomorrow.

We are human, we make mistakes, but we can always go back and try again. Thankfully going over the budget doesn’t kill us and make us super tight, but we are trying to save as much as we can in 2019. Yes, I know I am growing a human being and need to eat, but the thing is we preserve as much food as we can, have our own beef and now our own pork, which helps us get to the $50 budget. We don’t have to spend the outrageous amount of money on store meat, and that helps us a lot! Our goal is to rely less on the grocery store and more on our garden production and what we preserve.

Don’t compare our budget to yours, we have different variables to have a $50 budget and not feel like we are starving. Just analyze what you buy, the store sales, what food waste you have and how you can cut back, if you can. Also just because we have our own beef and pork does not mean we eat large amounts if anything we stretch a 1lb of beef as much a we can between multiple meals when it is applied. Like for example I can stretch taco meat if I add black beans in with it.

Any who this is something that has been on my mind lately and I really wanted to share with you.



This is me, a part of me used to write often like this. I had a journal through middle school full of thoughts, poems, and ideas. It has been some time but recently I sat down on a rock in a field and wrote all of this in the notes on my phone. It is much different compared to all of my blog post, but this is a part of me, and I wanted to share it.

That recharging feeling when the sun is shining, the birds singing, the wind bristling through the trees, the first signs of spring in the year, the breath of fresh air.

It’s simplicity is raw and beautiful, with tints of winter browns and tans, with green peaking up below.

When did life become so easy to visualize and breathe again, once like your old self that has been hanging away in the closet. The fresh cool breeze, and the warmth of the sun on your face, giving new life. Bringing the meaning back to your soul.

When one no longer hears the birds chipper to each other, no longer hear the frogs croak in the low water areas, then what happened to you, what darkened your soul, who closed your ears and blinded your eyes?

The bunnies scurrying away, and you simply just sit there, what scared them away, what made them run and leave their hideaway?

And sometimes there are those low moments of silence with the faint sound of a train whistle just miles away in town.

The country air is where one recharges, one becomes renewed with their mind, body and soul. Where one remembers why life is so precious, why we should wait and have patience, why we should walk slower and plan less, be more present, be more open and loving to all.

Is it not God’s reminder to us? He loves us, and gave us all the world. His reminder that we are His treasures, that He adores us more than any natural beauty to man’s eye?

Ahhh yes my soul, He loves us so.

Oh it has been so long…. years… many years since I could write like this. Years since I heard those little voices inside of me giving me hope. Oh. How I’ve missed them! I’ve spent years longing for my voice to come back! Why oh why has it taken so long? I don’t know, but I love that it has returned.

I know my heart has turned bitter, the child like heart has faded away, and when I look out the window it saddens me, how one gets childhood stripped away. The innocence of childhood memories, tainted with newfound information that should have been kept away in a lock box in the bottom of the ocean. But it’s too late, the eyes have seen the horrors, and ears have heard the painful words, one’s heart will never be the same, one’s memories never the same.

The world is cruel, full of many cruel people, teachers, and family, even friends. That teacher who never let you feel inspired, who’s only wish was to make you devalued, underachieving and disapproved. That friend who belittles you, who was never there for you. That family member who was full of lies, who only used you for their benefits, a childhood full of deceiving family. Oh how one can wish to simply toss away the bitter thoughts, the haunted memories. But the heart had caught the disease, it doesn’t simply disappear, it takes time and years of healing, tender care paired with tender thoughts. The body is ones personal garden it must have personal care, it must be maintained, one’s body will be entangled in weeds in just days, one must stay focus on the tender care, must remember why they want to keep a beautiful garden, and must remember why the weeds choke out life. The weeds drain the body, will take it over in no time, oh don’t let the weeds win.

Once the soul gets captured in the weeds it can stay entangled as long as weeds are watered. Don’t water the weeds instead of flowers, don’t pull the flowers and leave behind the weeds. One can choose to be entangled and not want to work in their garden while others trip and fall and all of sudden are loss in the unknown. Confused how they got there, they woke up early each morning and somehow fell into darkness. The darkness consumed them until they wobbled out of the dark and back into the familiar light. It is sad how it all came to be, the reality one has to face, some days the heart aches out calling for the old friend they knew, but life changed them, they are no longer the same.

Sometimes it is too painful to look back, sometimes one must close the door completely and never reconsider the door, but it seems one cannot always close the door, sometimes the door will not close as much as you wish it would, and you fight the door and you even want to slam it shut, but it stays there wide open. One doesn’t understand why the lesson cannot be finished, why one cannot just move on, but the door stays open for reason one may never know.

Big News!

I’ve been slightly absent from the blog, and it has been for good reason. It started with terrible cramps in the middle of the night, I thought I had a UTI (which I haven’t had before). Then my mother told me she found out she was pregnant with me, her first born because she thought she had a UTI. So off to the store for a test I went.

On February 8th, I found out I was pregnant! I then proceed to make a doctors appointment for a confirmation. Then I made my 11 week appointment with my baby doctor.

So I was totally that pregnant person with all day morning sickness, I couldn’t keep any food down, and lost 5 pounds around week 6-7 time frame. I started taking B6 and Unisom each night before bed, and that helped me a ton.

We slowly told very close family members in the beginning. Since I work in an all family business it was hard to keep a secret when I was missing so much work from being sick. We waited to tell majority of family and friends until 11-12 weeks because I wanted to know our baby was healthy and had a good heartbeat before telling people. I feared a miscarriage quite a bit because I have heard of more women struggle to have a baby than happy pregnancy stories, which was a main reason why we waited to tell most family and friends.

In the very beginning I craved fruit smoothies the most, and now I progressed to mainly fruit and vegetable diet. I crave fruit the most and the ice cream cravings are real.

My husband and I got to see our little baby on our ultrasound visit, everything is normal, and heartbeat is great! We are so excited to meet our little bean. We realize how fortune we are to experience such an amazing blessing to bring new life into the world. We definitely do not take this blessing for granted.

Spring Is Here

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

I am so excited for spring. There is so much to love about it, the fresh spring rain, the birds singing outside, the frogs start to make their hum out by the water, grass turns back to green, flowers spring out of the ground, the days get longer. Ohh, there is just so much to appreciate with the new season! The awakening of the earth from a long winter rest, a breath of fresh air for everyone.

Another thing I love about spring is getting the garden ready and dreaming about summer plans. Ahh.. campfires, grilling, and long summer nights are not far off.

What are you excited for?

What are your spring plans?

Winter Blues

I love winter, I love the pretty snow, the slower days to read a book and dig deep into researching topics I don’t have time for in the summer.

Yet, recently this fall I was told by one of my doctors that I am a seasonally depressed person. I thought psh, no way, I adore each season.

Well we are knee deep into winter here in Michigan and I am discovering that maybe I really am seasonally depressed. My love for myself and what I do has took a serve plummet. I feel more lost than ever during these slower days because I focus on what I could/should be doing, what I am doing wrong and all my flaws.

I am very high energy and like to stay busy doing projects, so maybe winter is too slow and too cold for me. Yet those snowy days arrive I am in awe of the beauty, the ice storm made the trees look so stunning with the sun shinning on them. I love winter yet I don’t…

What do you guys do when you get the winter blues? Do you struggle with loving the idea of winter but maybe not so much it’s reality? Let me know in the comments!


Yesterday I turned 23. A few months ago I literally laughed and cried in the shower because I thought I was turning 22, not 23. I wish I could say that wasn’t true, but I had a minor breakdown in the shower is completely true. The thing is this one life I was given here on earth has been going faster than I can blink.

In my life I have faced many deaths, in third grade my neighbor who was the same age as me lost his mother. I watched my dad lose three of his brothers before I even made it through middle school. Death teaches you how valuable your family and friends are, how important it is to be present with the people around you. How that last Christmas could be your last sitting around a big table talking about funny stories.

Family and friends are unity. Treasure the moment, live in the present, never take the people you love the most for granted. One day it could be all taken away from you.

Some days are hard, some days you can’t stop the negative thoughts, sometimes you just have to start the next day fresh and new.

Things will break at the worst times, always, but it will be okay.

I’ve learned that people will not always like you and want to be apart of your life. That you have to do what makes YOU happy.

That the number on the scale is just a number. Embrace your reflection and your individual talents.

Your season of life can’t be compared to someone else’s.

Money is not happiness.

That God has a purpose for each one of us, that He created us, and we are loved.

And most of all you can never fully love someone else without loving yourself first. 

 Here’s to 23.

Commit30 Planner

Looking for a focused year in 2019? Looking for a planner to help you through the year? Commit30 is the answer for you.

In 2017 I discovered Commit30 through Instagram, I loved everything about the design and company so I decided I would hurry up and order one and give it a try. I also purchased the sticker pack along with my planner.

This planner has helped me stay focused on accomplishing my goals. I have never used a planner the entire year before I used this Commit30 planner. I use the Black Compact Weekly Day Planner and have been obsessed with it from the start!

Down below I will show you some of the pages in my Commit30 planner.

Let me know what planner you love and why you love it in the comments.